Goyard Belvédère II Handbag – Powder Pink

Goyard Belvédère II Handbag – Powder Pink


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The most classic characteristics of Belvédère bags: simple and elegant, light and practical. The single narrow belt buckle passes through the metal ring smoothly, and can be opened and closed freely; the leather trim highlights the outline of the bag body in a linear way, and the leather lining of the flap also makes the silhouette of the bag more three-dimensional. The Belvédère 2 bag has three internal pockets to securely organize daily essentials and has an adjustable shoulder strap that can be worn as a cross-body or shoulder bag. Its ingenious design is a new interpretation of Goyard’s traditional craftsmanship, and it also shows the ultimate minimalist style and sports fashion spirit👻
The fabric is made of thick rain linen with linen, hemp fiber and cotton as the main components
Size: small size 21*16*6Cm


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