Burberry Bear Head Fanny Pack Chest Bag

Burberry Bear Head Fanny Pack Chest Bag


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Pure original single-fidelity Burberry Burberry’s new striped cotton bear head fanny pack chest bag shoulder bag, made of Vintate retro plaid joint cotton material and nylon cloth, this fabric upper body is very light and very soft, don’t worry about deformation It is not afraid of being scratched, and it is also easy to take care of at ordinary times. The color and silkiness are excellent, and the water resistance is also excellent. Very cute bear pattern design, lifelike Douding small black eyes, nose and mouth are black embroidery thread, three-dimensional small ears are very cute, adjustable length fabric buckle straps, chest and waist bag can be used on one shoulder, the upper body is extremely comfortable. Complete with shiny metal hardware. Zipper opening and closing design, with a small inner pocket, the capacity is not bad, the mobile phone wallet can be placed properly, the real thing is very good. The shape is cute, unique and not easy to hit. It can be used as a parent-child model. It is wear-resistant, durable and versatile. Babies who like it should start with it decisively!

Size: 19X13X4cm


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