Balenciaga New Le Cagole Heart Bag – White

Balenciaga New Le Cagole Heart Bag – White


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BALENCIAGA’s new Le Cagole Heart has a very different style and temperament compared to CHANEL’s “Love Bag”. If AI were to personify people, one would be a noble and elegant wealthy daughter, and the other would be riding a motorcycle and wearing a leather jacket. Cute but very sweet!
Although the love bag is small, it can hold car keys, tissues, lipstick, card holder, and powder.
Dumpling locomotive bag can even fit a mobile phone
With hearts, rivets, and badges
As for the data of the bag, the medium size can still be packed~it comes with VIP packaging.
Depth 5 cm
Height 15 cm
Shoulder strap 90CM
Width 17 cm


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